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Girliegerm – Promiscuouspromotion

As promised, before the end of the year, here’s the much anticipated, previously only on cassette… first Girliegerm re-release. The “hit” promo-tape from 1996. It was our greatest success and got some airplay on national radio, appeared on a few tape compilations and the Snakebite City 7 compilation. Much thanks to the – by our standards – great sound quality. Now remastered to sound even better! The download includes a scan of the tape inlay. You can download the songs for free or name your price. Profits will go towards putting a Girliegerm compilation on Spotify and things like that.
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No Function – Radiolar I

Electronic noise in it’s purest form. Picking up leaking radio waves through the air from the electronic circuits of different objects found around the house, filtered through a radio receiver along with the radiation static that surrounds us all. All tracks were performed live by Niklas Hagström using: radio, toy helicopter controller, toy car controller, electric shaver, theremin, cd walkman, electric tooth brush charger, telephone, remote controllers, digital camera and an electric latte whisk. DBY023
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