Dog Bless Your Art saw its humble beginnings in 1994, when Robert Pörschke, at the time vocalist of technical death metal band Mourning Sign, decided to release his first solo project Herb on cassette. Soon after, Girliegerm was formed, and the cassettes kept coming.

At the time called Dog Bless You Music, which was soon shortened to simply Dog Bless You. Since then there has been at least one release every year, of different projects involving Robert. Up until 2006 with the last Ninja Massacre CDS – The Masterplan. As Ninja Massacre was put on ice, so was DBY. A few releases were made during the next few years in the quiet, with almost no promotion. Things were moving behind the scenes, new projects took shape.

Sometime during this period a few other Dog Bless You made their appearance on the net. Some pet store, French electronica, and a few other things. So the name was changed to Dog Bless Your Art to avoid confusion. And to mark the new ambition to broaden the concept, not only releasing music. Also releasing the works of talented friends.

In the fall of 2010, the new Dog Bless Your Art site opened. Here you can find archived releases, and find out about new ones first hand. And any other news concerning Dog Bless Your Art projects, live shows, exhibitions and more.

info (at) dogblessyourart (dot) com


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