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Cut-up: Woodshop

Created as the soundtrack for a performance in the woodshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University in 2001. The sounds are panned to match the placement of woodshop machinery, and lights placed on the machines, switched on and off to match the soundtrack. Thanks to woodshop supervisor Robert Djärv for participating in the performance. Now mastered to suit normal listening better. DBY010 Cut-up: by Dog Bless Your Art
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Bikini Nation – I want to get drunk

Time to add some good old punk. The first Bikini Nation release from 1999 was a 7″ vinyl. The cover sleeves came in a bunch of different colours. But something didn’t go right in the pressing factory as the sound turned out not as good as the master. But this re-release has been remastered and sounds even better than the original. Enjoy! DBY007
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Girliegerm – Promiscuouspromotion

As promised, before the end of the year, here’s the much anticipated, previously only on cassette… first Girliegerm re-release. The “hit” promo-tape from 1996. It was our greatest success and got some airplay on national radio, appeared on a few tape compilations and the Snakebite City 7 compilation. Much thanks to the – by our standards – great sound quality. Now remastered to sound even better! The download includes a scan of the tape inlay. You can download the songs for free or name your price. Profits will go towards putting a Girliegerm compilation on Spotify and things like that.
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